Tattoos used to be a stigma and associated with gangs in the past, but now tattoos are regarded more as an body art form and self expression.

At Sovana Tattoo Bali we listen to your needs and ideas, and offer professional advice to make your tattoos dream come true along with a piece of art that you can be proud of.

Using only the best tattoo equipment and best tattoo ink that are hypoallergenic and of the highest standard, you can have peace of mind when getting a tattoo here at Sovana tattoo studio Bali.

Whatever style of tattoo you require, Sovana Tattoo Bali has full time and visiting artists providing an array of styles to suit the customer.

Our studio was built entirely on our vision of ethics and humanity.
We believe in quality work and treating people with respect.

At our core, we strive to be something different. A place where our clients and artists feel a part of something, a part of our family.

So, come and enjoy a new experience