Our modern, bespoke studios are a hub of creativity for award-winning tattoo artists, working closely with our clients from first contact to ensure we produce the highest quality custom tattoos. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, in a professional and cutting-edge environment with a team dedicated to ensuring your experience is one that is as memorable as the ink in your skin.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Our minimum charge is Usd100. The price of a custom design depends on the artist, size and placement of the tattoo. To get an accurate quote you must contact our management, send pictures, dimensions and ideas by email

Q: Do you charge extra for making a custom design?
A: No, preparing the design and consultations are included in the price. You pay solely for the time in which you are being tattooed.

Q: Can I email?
A: Of course you can, our email address sovanatattoobali@gmail.com once we have all the information we need for your enquiry we can get in touch and advise you on how best to proceed.

Q: Do I need to book an appointment?
A: SOVANA TATTOO BALI is a custom and appointment based studio, but, subject to availability, we welcome walk-ins on the day. To avoid disappointment, we would advise you to make a booking ahead of time. Waiting time varies for each tattooist.

Q: Do I need to put a deposit down to book an appointment?
A: Yes, we require at least a USD50 deposit for you to secure an appointment date.
NO DEPOSIT, NO BOOKING! Please note – for full day sittings the deposit will be higher.

Q: If I need to rearrange the date of my appointment, how much notice do I need to give and am I going to lose my deposit?
A: If you need to rearrange your appointment you have to give us at least 48 hours notice (this means 2 working days). Failure to do this WILL result in you losing your deposit.

Q: What is the minimum age for tattooing?
A: You need to be at least 18 years old. Photo ID is required on the day of the session.

Q: How long is your waiting list?
A: The waiting list depends on the design and the artist. Please contact us to help you with choosing the right artist for you.

Q: Can I bring friends with me to my appointment?
A: We have limited space and don’t recommend bringing groups of friends along to your appointment as they can be a distraction for you, your artist and/or other artists and customers. However, in the event that there is space in the tattoo room, if you wish to have one friend present for support, we will allow them to sit quietly with you during your appointment.

Q: How safe is it?
A: At SOVANA TATTOO BALI, your health and safety is our utmost priority. The moment you step into the studio you will see how serious we are about cleanliness. We use only single use pre sterilised needles which are disposed of after every client, as well as sterilised pigments in single use pots.

Our hygiene procedures exceed the requirements of the relevant health authorities.

At SOVANA TATTOO BALI, we also use the most advanced vacuum autoclave sterilisation for all equipment used in the application of your tattoo.

You can watch your equipment being removed from individual sterile packaging immediately before use.

Q: How much will it hurt?
A:Tattooing is achieved by placing a small amount of pigment under the top layers of skin which is injected by small, electrically powered pins. Naturally, it causes some discomfort.
The amount of pain experienced varies with design placement, and your own level of tolerance. The vast majority of ‘first-timers’ find tattooing much less painful than expected. Whilst tattooing has it’s own unique sensation, many people compare it to waxing or a cat scratch.

Q: Do I need to do anything on the day of my tattoo?
A: On the morning of your tattoo appointment make sure you eat breakfast even if you do not usually. It would also be sensible to not go out drinking the night before or take drugs, alcohol thins your blood which obviously causes you to bleed more throughout your tattoo, it may also cause you to feel faint.

Q: Will we start and finish exactly on time?
A: Not always. There are many factors that will impact on timing such as your skin and how well you sit. As well as this, preparation work is critical to the final result, and our artists will work until there is a natural break point to not compromise the result.

Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept cash, card and credit cards. We do not accept cheques or American Express. There is an additional charge for paying on card.
Note: For Deposit payment (only) we accept paypal (add 5% for the fee).

Q: How do I look after my tattoo ?
A: Every artist will explain it to his customer after tattooing. Here is view of the after care sheet you will get in the end of your session:

  • Change the Cling film before going to bed at night.
  • Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water
  • Rinse well with clean water, pat dry & apply light layer ofBEPANTHEN ointment.
  • Change the cling film 5 times a day for the next 2 days,washing the tattoo and applying the cream every time.
  • Apply the cream between 5-8 times a day for the next 14 days.
  • Keep the tattoo clean, avoid dust, grease and oil.
  • DO NOT SWIM, SOAK or SUNBATHE until fully healed.
  • If You use a sunbed or are out in the sun, cover the tattoo with the highest factor sunblock.

Q: Tattoos and Diabetes.
A: If you are diabetic and wish to get tattooed, you have to think twice , because there are some contraindications with it.
If your blood sugars are in not good control, your immune system is also affected – putting you at even higher risk for infection and potential difficulty fighting it off.
That can impact on the quality of your tattoo, and healing process wont be quick. We are not able to guarantee that your tattoo will look like you expected..
Our studio is 100% clean and sterile but in this case We can’t guarantee that someone with diabetes will avoid complications.

Q: Tattoos and Allergy.
A: Often can’t explain why they’re happening, but your skin and your body choose to understand that, that stuff is not supposed to be there, and want it out.
There’s no real way to test if you are allergic to it beforehand, as allergies too tattoos can develop with time.
There is some possibility that you may have allergy reaction to tattoo needles, which contain nickel.
You have to realise that allergies are everywhere right now.

Q: Tattoo and Sunburn.
A: Tattoos “dont like” sunburn skin. You cannot get tattooed with sunburn skin. Tattooing breaks down your epiderms which if you’re sunburned is already demaged.
Your body is already trying to heal your skin, so more damage will only mean trouble for a fresh tattoo.
Also exposing a fresh tattoo to strong, direct sunlight is really bad idea.
While getting sunburn on new tattoo will be much more damaging then getting sunburn on an older tattoo, it doesn’t mean that lasting damage can’t potentially still be done.
If you like to keep your tattoo nice looking for many years , you have to remember to use UV filter ingredients (like SPF30).

Need more information?
Whether you’re thinking about which style might be right for you, payment options or have any questions about our services, please contact us at sovanatattobali@gmail.com